Dagestan: Republic bans

In the North Caucasus has been a growing trend to prohibit and abolish the “objectionable” concerts, films and other events

15 August in Dagestan was to be held concert of the popular Russian pop group Serebro, but in a matter of days before the performance the organizer announced on his page on “Instagram” that the concert was cancelled because of storm warnings. The Dagestani fans in the threat of the storm did not believe, moreover, that the MOE of Dagestan warnings these days are not announced. About the real reason for the cancellation of the concert organizer to your subscribers and not told, only have deleted a video message in which he referred to the impending bad weather, and told where to return the ticket and collect the money.

The very arrival with a concert in Republic female pop group, known for its — by Dagestani standards — revealing outfits and relaxed behavior at the scene seemed surreal, especially because in recent years, the cancellation of concerts and renting movies, and also bans mass events not meeting religious or ethical demands, in Dagestan have become commonplace. Open Russia has prepared the recalls that have not allowed the conservative government of the Republic.

“Holi ColorFest”

In August 2016 Dagestan among users of social networks also scandal, but now in connection with the cancellation of the festival of colors “Holi ColorFest” which was supposed to go on the ground in front of one of entertainment complexes of Makhachkala. The festival was cancelled for similar, religious and moral reasons. A video message to the Dagestani to boycott the festival in his Instagram made at the time an employee of the Department of spiritual-moral and civil-Patriotic education of the Ministry of youth Affairs of Dagestan Mikail Mikailov. “Who calls himself a Dagestani and dagestanskoi is the appeal to You!!! The campaign “Festival of colors”, planned for August 7 in Makhachkala is really shameful, because there are plenty of other worthy entertainment and useful lessons. Sure, sanity will prevail among the organizers and participants. Speak to you all with respect for themselves and respect the heritage of Dagestan. Vassals”, — said the employee of the Ministry, promising “to keep the situation under control.”

The situation was brought under “control”. Opponents of the vote were able to enlist the support of the Dagestan Mufti. On a Friday sermon the Imam of the Central Juma mosque of Makhachkala Idris-Haji Asadulaev criticized the festival, calling it immoral and designed to spread corruption in society. “In the name do not see anything wrong. But after examining the content of the event, it’s safe to say that this is a complete contradiction of the Shariah and morality. The festival, which is unfamiliar to boys and girls drench each other with colors and then holding on to the sides, lead dances, has nothing to do with Islam or morality, but on the contrary, is intended to the degradation of society, the spread of immorality and immoral acts,” speaking to thousands of parishioners Imam.

Was of the opinion that the Dagestan Republic, where predominantly Muslim, so spend your holiday, in which there is a reference to the Hindu God Krishna and the Indian elements of pagan culture, it is not necessary. However, most of the opponents of the festival claimed that the event does not carry anything, except for immorality, debauchery and moral decay of society, and if you allow such a festival, and there to the gay parade in the neighborhood. The event was canceled, and the democratically minded part of the Dagestan society once again concluded that bigots again succeeded.

“Muhammad: the messenger of God”

In the fall of 2016 in Dagestan, in Makhachkala and Kaspiysk, took place the most anticipated movie premiere screening of the film “Muhammad: the messenger of God” by renowned Iranian film Director, the nominee on “Oscar” by Majid Majidi. Tape, telling about the life of prophet Muhammad, was widely announced in the Republic, supported by the muftiat of Dagestan and caused a full house at the premiere. But then, after the cancellation of the rental of films in neighboring Chechnya and criticism of some religious leaders in Dagestan began an active campaign against the film. Despite assurances peeking, Sunni prophet Muhammad directed by Shia in the film was made as would remove neither a Sunni, the opposition had no effect. Latest assured: a film by Shia, Yes, there will definitely be a trick and misrepresentation. Divided opinions not only of ordinary Dagestanis, but the most famous Dagestani athletes. The Olympic champion in free-style wrestling Abdulrashid Sadulayev, who was present at the premiere, praised the film and urged all to see it. Formed Sadulaeva company at the premiere of UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov at first also left positive feedback. However, later apologized to all for what looked at the picture, and urged her not to look. Despite a wave of criticism, not all the cinemas refused to hire films.

Flos Florum

In early November 2016 in Makhachkala cancelled the concert Gothic band Flos Florum from Yekaterinburg. Social media has called for protests against the upcoming performance of the group. Protesters have called the group of cultists and Satanists. The organizers of the concert said that they receive threatening phone calls and demanding the cancellation of the concert. The concert was canceled, and the soloist of group Alexander Starkov said: “We first encountered this attitude. A week before the concert began to receive threats on social networks, up to death threats and attacks. Apparently, the Dagestanis were not ready for our work do not understand it, calling us Goths and Satanists, although it is only images. We neither one nor the other have no relationship”.

This year February 14, Valentine’s Day, host and former member of the scandalous reality show “Dom-2”, designer, writer, blogger, and some time and singer Olga Buzova was supposed to play a concert in Dagestan. But the concert did not take place. Antiphonary singer did not hide his Schadenfreude, because while some people bought tickets, others were thinking how to prevent the arrival of “immoral stars”. In the course went the hashtags #Dagestanavtodor, #Butanedioate, #Createdigitalmusic. As a result, the concert Buzova was cancelled.

Buzova tried to explain this by the fact that the organizer of her speech in Dagestan father is in serious condition. “Let’s wish him a speedy recovery. We will meet with you for sure! Follow my band, I write about a new date. Before the meeting, the Dagestan Republic. With love, always yours Olga Buzova,” he reassured his fans the singer, but the Dagestanis and she still hasn’t met — on the new concert date was never announced.


Most “fresh” of a series of prohibitions in Dagestan — ban to release in theatres of the Republic film “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel. Despite the absence of a ban even in neighboring Chechnya, Dagestan-old Teacher on the big screens will never see. First Deputy Chairman of the government of Dagestan Anatoly Caribbean spoke out against the film, and then the head of the Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov said in an interview that people should let them look on the Internet.
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