About us

"VARİSLİK" is a daily news website covering the traditions and contemporary life of the vast Caucasus region. The Caucasus is a varied and multi-faceted place. The intertwining of cultures and traditions, historical fortunes, victories and tragedies, have made this land inimitable. But neither experts specializing in this region, nor even the inhabitants of this unique area themselves have a comprehensive understanding of the Caucasus.

"VARİSLİK" sets itself the challenge to provide effective information about events in the region, to present commentaries by analysts, to speak about the cultures of the many peoples of the Caucasus and to familiarize readers with well-known personalities from this region in the worlds of politics, economics, the arts and sport.
The realisation of this mission is assisted by a mixture of the knowledge of prominent  journalists, scientists from the main Russian institutes of higher education, political scientists, economists, social anthropologists and other experts consistently occupied with the Caucasus in its many dimensions.

"VARİSLİK” also hopes to collaborate with its readers, among whom are many people well-versed in this region and also those who are not indifferent to its problems.